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Commish by Auradria
A friend from con asked me to draw one of his Mabinogi characters.
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Commission status: :iconcommissionsopen:
First off I'd like to tell you a little about me.  I am 29 and have been drawing since middle school yeah I feel old. Anyway I am for the most part a digital artist. And am on the computer all day.
Yeah that's pretty much it.
Now on to the good stuff!

Tools I use:

I use Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, and a small Digipro tablet.

The Digipro is a reason I'm starting up Commissions, even though I love it and it holds value to my heart (my boyfriend got it for valentines day almost 2 years ago). I need something bigger. and would love a waccom tablet.

I also would like points to continue a premium status on Deviantart as well as commissioning some of my favorite artists.


Pricing and examples:

I am more open to Paypal pay the most. But I will accept points as well.

(please bare with me while I draw out some newer exampes for this since most of the stuff on here is old and I don't want to surprise you with something that looks different then the examples)

Chibi: $3 or 300 :points:
Head/bust: $3 or 300 :points: Kaname-samma by Auradria (Please note that this is old and I will make a new one ASAP)
3/4 body:  $4 or 400 :points:
full body:  $4 or 400 :points:

Flat color
Chibi:  $5 or 500 :points:
Head/bust: $5 or 500 :points:
3/4 body: $6 or 600 :points:
full body:$6 or 600 :points:

Chibi:  $7 or 700 :points: Bunbun kimono by Auradria
Head/bust: : $7 or 700 :points:
3/4 body:  $8 or 800 :points: Peachuu birthday by Auradria
full body:  $8 or 800 :points: For Bun-bun ONLY!! by Auradria

Any additional character will be an additional $1.50 or 150 :points:


Will's and Wont's of drawings

If the pricing didn't scare you off Great!! ^-^ and thank you~

Now there are some things I'd like to talk about:

A) There's not a lot I won't draw or try to but I cannot and will not attempt to draw Robot/mechas... I've tried...I've failed and I just can't do it.

B) I draw mostly animeish charicters, girls, other things in that nature.

C) I have a hard time drawing boys/guys/male characters. I don't mind trying.

D) I'm learning how to make nice backgrounds as of now I can draw simple backgrounds.


My time table

I'd like to take this time to tell you about the time it takes me to do my art.

Well since this is the first time I've done commissions I am going to try my hardest not to make you wait for weeks. Instead I'd like to have a turnaround time of a week at the least.

I have days I can't (Fridays usually) that I cannot work on commissions because I am not at home.

Please don't note me everyday about your commission being done or not, this is considered kinda rude in my book and will cause your art to be pushed aside due to annoyedness. I do like being reminded especially if it's been past a week.


You got through all that and still think I'm worth commissioning from AWSOME!! ^-^ Heres how to do just that and its pretty easy.

So after researching on the best way to ask and going over what's best in my head I have decided that in order to commission me is :


1) Note me
   a) Before doing anything note me about the commish you want done.  
    b) Please make sure the note is titled Commission (or Commish or Are commissions still open)
   c) Example of note:
        Hi, I'd like a headshot  of my OC character Tarra   here is what she looks like   I'd like her   No background is necessary  I'd like to pay you using  

Wait what you're confused now? Here let me simplify and offer a quick copy past of what's needed.

Title: Commissions
headshot, Chibi, 3/4 body, Full body.

Referance of OC 
 reference of Poses if you want something specific.

^-^ whew better that way right?

2) Once I respond and make sure I can and will draw for you I ask you send me half of the points or Paypal before I start working. As bad as I feel doing it this way I feel both of us are protected, it shows you are interested fully and won't pull out halfway through the process. And makes me fully in as well. I don't think either of us want a bad rep on DA. ^_^ I know I don''t

3) Once payed I will start on the sketch out your request, I will show you a screen shot of the artwork and if you see anything you want to add or anything it can be fixed and I will continue.

4) The way I work Sketch>lineart>base color(flatcolor)>Finished art.

Wow that was a long one huh? Sorry about that I wanted to make sure that I answered any questions that might come up later. I hope I did just that. This Journal may be updated from time to time just to make sure everythings been covered.

I hope everything was explained well and I hope to work with you and give you awesome drawings
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I would love to get a premium account and/or order commitions from the people I watch to show I care. ^_^

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